Our health is our greatest asset. We all know Healthcare isn’t free, but there’s no reason why it can’t be affordable to everyone in the greatest country in the world.

That’s why I’m combining the expertise of patient advocates, hospital associations, independent physicians, medical researchers, and state regulators to come up with solutions to the fatal flaws in our healthcare system.

    1. We need patient protection and coverage

    Congress must come back to the table with states to get medicaid expanded in all 50 states, and create a permanent health program for children ages 0-18. 680,000 Texans are being denied coverage because of the state legislature’s decision not to expand, and kids nationwide are not covered by medicaid because their parents make too much money to qualify but not enough to afford private insurance.

    Too many people fall into the coverage gap when changing jobs or are tethered to a job for fear of losing health insurance. I will work to pass a public option so that people can always have the option to buy into medicare or medicaid.

    I will work to rein in the pharmaceutical industry, which has exacerbated the opioid crisis and pushed improper treatment on patients through its sales and advertising practices.

    2. Insurance isn’t any good if no one can afford care

    The U.S. must join every industrialized country in the world in negotiating prices for medications, medical devices and tests, so that rates come down for patients and payers

    I will work with both parties to clamp down administrative costs in insurance that drive up premiums and deductibles for everyone

    I will work to mandate price transparency in Healthcare to empower patients and drive down costs

    I will introduce reforms to the pharmaceutical patent system that will allow everyone to get cheaper generic medications faster.

    Doctors must be able to spend more time with their patients, but right now, compliance with diagnosis codes and other regulations is costing 30 minutes of administrative work for every hour spent treating patients. I will work to find ways of reducing this burden on physicians.

    3. A nationwide commitment to illness prevention

    Poor health among Americans lost the economy about $250 billion in 2015. I intend to work with states so that no child grows up without a good nutritional education, and to help make sure all communities have access to healthier food.

    While I do believe in simplifying our tax code, I support offering tax credits for the behaviors that keep people healthy, like seeing a doctor for semi-annual checkups, so we can catch preventable diseases before they appear.

Health Insurance companies are seeing record profits, but you and I are not seeing a record amount of coverage. If we cannot prevent illness or afford quality health care, we cannot work or care for our families. When politicians reduce Medicaid or allow insurance companies to deny us coverage due to pre-existing conditions, many of us must pay our doctor bills instead of our rent. Without our health, we don’t have access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

A society’s worth is measured by how well it cares for its most vulnerable and valuable citizens. Our infant mortality rate is unacceptable. We also need to better support women’s health care, but our current representatives repeatedly weaken women’s access to quality health care.

I will take steps to strengthen and expand the home care workforce and give seniors and disabled citizens access to quality, affordable, long-term care services and ensure that all of these resources are readily available at home or in the community.

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