Education is the great escalator of socio-economic mobility

1. Train our kids to be thinkers, not test-takers

It is impossible to test a child into success, but unfortunately education policy has enforced standardized testing as both the metric and the goal for success.

I believe we should amend the Every Student Succeeds Act to take a different approach to our public K-12 system. In many other wealthy countries, standardized testing is unheard of, and a child’s direction is based on aptitude, not their ability to fit a mold.

2. Assist with funding special needs education

Wealthier communities usually have decent education for students with disabilities, while rural or disadvantaged ones do not. Congress should work with states to eliminate this disparity between school districts

3. Supply low income districts with teachers while reducing student debt

By expanding on the Teach for America Program, which serves the duel purpose of letting recent graduates pay off their debt, while making sure underserved communities have enough teachers to educate their kids.

I also support offering extended pell grants to students aspiring to become teachers, doctors and other highly demanded professions, regardless of income.

4. Bring back vocational training in high schools

A college degree isn’t the right path for every student, and in many cases developing a useful trade skill can lead to just as much success.

5. Bring down the cost of college

By working with states to regulate public university spending, offer tuition grants for community college, regardless of income, and offer public service programs as a way to pay down loans.

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