About Adam Bell

I am a community-focused, freedom-loving Texas native.

Adam Bell is Community-Focused

My Dad was a proud member of the U.S. Navy and taught me that hard work and discipline are the keys to prosperity. Through his integrity and service, I inherited his deep love for America and what it means to sacrifice for what you love. I lived in Dallas and Richardson until 2001 when I decided to put down my roots in Allen.

2003 was a banner year for me. I began pursuing a career in real estate services and started my first company. It was also the year that I married the love of my life, April. We met in the late 90’s while I was working on a culinary arts degree. I’m pretty sure that my knowledge of French cuisine and wine pairing won her over.

April and I have two beautiful daughters who attend public schools in Allen. I enjoy coaching their sports teams and leading the local YMCA Adventure Guide and Indian Princess youth organization.

I feel a strong need to give back to this country that has given me so much.

Why I’m the Best Choice for TX-3

Adam Bell in Plano Texas

Battle cries are found on the far left and right of the political spectrum, but solutions, like most people, fall somewhere in the middle. My comprehensive background enables me to see different perspectives surrounding an issue and arrive at a fair compromise. But I will never compromise my values to cut a deal.

I will fight for those back home in Collin County while I work for the rest of the country. Collin County deserves to be represented by a fellow citizen, a long-time resident, and local business owner, not a career politician with special interests who has been brought up as a party puppet.

As a small business owner, I am faced with the challenges of leadership and goal attainment every day. Running a small business is like trying to hit an ever-moving target: change is the only constant. The success of my business depends on my fiscal responsibility and my ability to hire the right people to take care of my clients. Being independently responsible for the livelihood of others requires me to be practical, nimble and selfless, which I have done successfully since I started my first company in 2003. My background will help make sure money is spent where you want it spent, rather than where lobbyists and politicians want to spend it.

This will be my second run for this office. Last election, I received more votes than any Democrat ever has in Collin County. I had the pleasure of gaining the full support of the Democratic party as well as many moderate Republicans. We will build on that success to bring home a win for not only Democrats but Democracy itself.

I am the ethical, logical and compassionate voice that Washington so desperately needs.

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