2nd Amendment

As a gun owner, I believe strongly in the second amendment. I also believe strongly, as do the courts, that the government has the responsibility to regulate firearms.

While mass shootings are what make the headlines and grab the nation’s attention, they account for only about 7% of gun deaths in the United States. If we focus on eliminating the causes of the other 93%, mass shootings will follow suit. The #1 thing we can do to reduce gun deaths is to pass legislation that requires comprehensive background checks, as well as closing the gun show and gift loopholes. We must keep guns out of the wrong hands, specifically criminals and people with dangerous mental illnesses. I am a gun owner, and supporter of the second amendment, who recognizes that we cannot continue to allow 93 gun deaths every single day in this country. My priority is saving lives. Guns are a part of our rich Texas Heritage and we take great pride in being responsible gun owners and sportsman. We hold those who wish to carry in public to a high standard and I am not interested in lowering that standard so that careless or dangerous people can carry guns in our country.

Investment in mental health and public awareness is also a means to prevention. We lose 300 children every year to accidental gun deaths, and suicide has now surpassed car accidents as cause of death among middle schoolers. All of these deaths are preventable if we simply require that firearms be locked up when inside the home.

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